Translations: English-German, German-English, Albanian-English, Albanian-German


Proofreading projects


Research on the net



Professional experience regarding languages and translation:


April 2014: Proficiency CPE successfully passed

Translations for Seva Translations, TRD Translation & Language Service LTD,

Byron and CJW Translations etc. since 2014
Translations for Professor Krasniqi from Kosovo since July 2013

Translations for Nexcom Europe, Munich, Germany in 2011

Translating my PHD into English in 2010

Working on the law against domestic violence in Kosovo in 2009

Getting my PHD in Political Science at the University of Augsburg in 2008

Translating for the Customs Office of Augsburg since 2008

Translations for the Police of Augsburg, Germany from 2006-2011

Working as a warranty department employee with mainly English-speaking customers from 2005-2006

Working with High School students as a tutor for English and French from 2000-2005

Studies in Political Science at the University of Augsburg, Germany from 1998-2002


I am happy to support you with my translations!

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